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The modern world is characterised by exchange processes and interactions across linguistic boundaries. Every day, countless products flow from A to B, generating a global network that connects markets on every continent. In such a globalised world, correct technical translations are indispensable. This is where we come in. We translate technical subjects for you precisely and stylistically flawlessly.

We use all common translation memory systems for our translations:

  • Transit
  • Trados
  • Across

Our services in technical translation



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Documentation and translation from a single source

We create your technical documentation and then translate it into more than 20 languages.

Absolute adherence to deadlines and confidentiality

Meeting deadlines and delivery times is a priority for us.


Our translations meet the quality requirements for translation services according to ISO standards.

Consistently high quality level

Thanks to Translation Memory Systems (TMS), detailed terminology work and structured translation processes.


We work with a broad network of native translators.

NMT – Neural Machine Translation

We can also help you with questions regarding automated translations using an artificial neural network.

Your technical documentation is ready for international markets

Today, internationally active companies have to serve a multitude of languages. Within the EU, the Machinery Directive requires that instruction manuals and technical documentation for products must be available in the official language(s) of the EU country in which they are placed in circulation and/or put into service. Manuals, instructions and training documents also require comprehensible and clear translation into the respective national language in order to provide specialists, fitters, maintenance companies and administrators with an optimum basis for work and training. Our translation agency in Munich is the right contact for companies throughout Germany.

Technical translation agency – what you can expect from us

For years, we have been supporting companies in areas such as mechanical engineering, electronics/electrical engineering, software, automotive, telecommunications and medical technology with their technical translations.

With our network of language experts, we cover all common languages. Our services range from English, French, Spanish and Italian to Nordic and Eastern European languages, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. We are also happy to assist you with other less common languages. Simply contact us.

To ensure technical precision as well as linguistic correctness and comprehensibility, our translation agency works with specialist translators who translate technical documentation, operating instructions and other documents exclusively into their native language.

Translation of your instruction manual

Even a single missing term – or one too many in the wrong place – can cause the destruction of equipment, machinery and systems. In the consumer sector, deficient technical translations often lead to costly complaints and returns. In industry, resulting damages quickly amount to several million euros – not to mention violations of compliance guidelines.

Having your operating manuals translated by us protect your business from unpleasant liability claims for damages based on translation errors and linguistic misunderstandings.

Translation of your technical documentation

When translating technical documents, it is essential to adhere to uniform terminology. The same technical terms in the source language should be consistently translated the same way into the respective target language. This applies not only to individual texts, but to all of a customer’s orders. Our mother-tongue technical translators translate your technical documentation accurately down to the smallest detail, taking into account specific technical features.

CARSTENS + PARTNER – Your partner for highly accurate and linguistically correct technical translations of:

Operating instructions

Operating manuals

Training documents

Terminology work

Marketing materials

Frequently asked questions about technical translation

You will find most of the answers here. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
What advantages does a translation agency offer over individual assignments?
An agency such as CARSTENS+PARTNER (C+P) offers a lot more than just translations: We designate an experienced project manager as a contact person who will advise you and deal with the special features of your projects. We convert each of your file formats in such a way that our preferred translators can translate all of your information products (website, brochure, declaration of conformity, operating instructions, etc.) consistently. During the holiday season or in the event of illness, we commission a second preferred translator to ensure that your projects are not delayed.
What types of technical documents does C+P translate?
CARSTENS+PARTNER (C+P) has specialised in the translation of technical documentation of all kinds and in every format for more than 40 years: from specifications in PDF, to declarations of conformity in Word to operating manuals in InDesign or maintenance manuals in XML – we are familiar with all technical information products. We also translate contracts, software and websites, mainly with technical content. Just what you need.
What do CAT tools/TMS entail?
A CAT tool is a computer-aided translation tool or translation memory system (TMS). They are databases or translation memories that store all of a customer’s translations for reuse. They support the quality of the translations while enabling large savings. At C+P, for example, all repetitions within a text and reuse from previous translation jobs are offered free of charge. Embedded glossaries and quality assurance controls in the tool also support the test routines.
How long does the human translation of a document take?
A general rule of thumb is around 2,000 words per working day and per translator, from the moment the order is placed. If the translation has a fixed delivery date, several specialist translators can work in a team. Here, however, the topic of terminology is very important to be considered before starting.
How much does a translation cost per page/word/line?
A standard page consists of approx. 20-30 lines. From German, we calculate an average of 7.5 words per line; from English an average of approx. 8.5 words depending on the type of text. The prices per word depend mainly on the target language and the subject area. We analyse your texts precisely and create transparent offers for you.
Into which languages does C+P translate technical documents?
Our standard price list from German and English includes more than 50 target languages. Target languages range from Arabic to Vietnamese with some market-related language variants such as Dutch for Belgium or Spanish for Mexico. For all languages, we work with translators who are native speakers and have been internally qualified according to the ISO 17100 standard for high-quality translations. We would be happy to expand our portfolio if required.
How is the right translator selected at C+P?
At C+P, we work according to the requirements of the ISO 17100 standard for high-quality translations and exceed them. This standard stipulates that only qualified translators should be commissioned. The qualification of the translators is the task of our vendor manager. In the database, we note the specific technical areas in which our translators have specialist knowledge. We also work with native speakers and according to the preferred translator principle.
Is terminology work (even on a small scale) important?
Terminology work means the extraction of technical terms from customer-specific source texts, their translation and the creation of dictionaries. The terminology databases are sent to the translators when they are commissioned with the requirement to adhere to them or to determine any deviations. This ensures that the translation remains consistent over time and jobs while greatly improving the readability of technical documentation.
Can C+P help with machine translation processes?
Yes we can. Besides the project managers, C+P has a team of experienced post-editors who work according to the ISO 18587 standard. Depending on whether a translation memory (TM) is available, hybrid solutions can be offered. This makes it possible to simultaneously order “human translation” using the TM and “post-editing” of machine translations. This means that the editing of the texts comes from a single source, preferably that of the preferred translator.
Where are the savings potentials in the translation process?
We see savings potential in the interaction between the Component Content Management System (CCMS)/editorial system and the use of translation memories. Our technical editors and project managers for translations work hand in hand to ensure that translations are reused as soon as the text is created. Only the new sections of text are translated through delta exports from the CCMS. A COTI interface supports the time-saving display of multilingual projects. This benefits not only the quality of the texts but – with a view to the costs of the translations – it also means a long-term cost reduction.
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