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From XML editing system to content delivery

An XML-based Component Content Management System (CCMS) can be used to efficiently create, manage and publish technical documentation such as instructions, data sheets, catalogues, etc. The SCHEMA ST4 editing system can be used to manage multilingual and multi-variant documents.

Metadata-enriched, modular information enables the rapid production of your documentation in various languages and formats for digital or analogue publishing.

The Content Delivery Server (CDS) with InfoCube is the next step in delivering your content (intelligent thanks to metadata) in a targeted and interactive way. Optimally prepared information for your customers.

Benefit from our experience from a large number of projects.

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System introduction

We support you from planning through installation and system implementation up to the migration of your existing data. You can obtain the editorial system from us.


We advise you on filing structures/ modularisation and support you with a metadata/taxonomy concept.

Development of CI-compliant layouts

We help you develop and implement your layouts in Page Layout Designer and Online Media Designer.


In cooperation with you, we develop or improve your editing, translation and publication process in several workshops.

Training courses

We train your technical writers for the first application, but also experienced writers who want to deepen their knowledge in certain topics.

Creation of pilot documentation

Together with your editorial team, we develop a pilot documentation on which you can build all further documentation projects.

SCHEMA ST4 training

Our ST4 training courses introduce participants to the software and impart extensive knowledge on how to use the system, edit content via ST4 and publish various output formats. We are happy to do this together with you as a team based on your own data/products/specifications. To that end, we adapt our training courses optimally and individually to your needs.

Technical documentation Tools you should know

Besides pure content management functions, SCHEMA ST4 offers other useful tools. Use the Page Layout Designer to quickly and effortlessly generate layouts for print publications. The Online Media Designer provides support in creating multimedia outputs. A workflow engine makes it possible to automate your editorial processes. All versions also include a Callout Designer that facilitates working with graphics.

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Especially the Content Delivery Server (CDS) or the Info Cube are further exciting future-oriented solutions about which we can advise you.
SCHEMA ST4 Goldpartner

Mit SCHEMA ST4 profitieren Sie


Verwenden Sie Textbausteine in unterschiedlichen Dokumentationsprodukten einfach wieder statt sie doppelt anzulegen.


Mit XML-Redaktionssystemen trennen Sie den Inhalt vom Layout. So können verschiedene Ausgabeformate aus einer einzigen, zentral vorgehaltenen Datenquelle in wenigen Klicks erstellt werden.


Dank integriertem Übersetzungsmanagement-System spielen Sie verschiedene Sprachen Ihrer Dokumentation automatisch aus und wieder ein.


Als Goldpartner für das Redaktionssystem SCHEMA ST4 bieten wir eine umfassende Betreuung, von der Ersteinführung bis zur Migration von Altdaten oder Schulung ihres Redaktionsteams.

XML editing systems

The SCHEMA ST4 professional editing system can be used to create and manage product information such as manuals, loose-leaf works and online help easily and cost-effectively. As a digital agency, we help companies in the Munich area and the entire DACH region to tap the full potential of the editorial system and to make the start-up phase efficient.

Modular principle simplifies technical documentation

A mere supplementary sheet is no longer sufficient as documentation. In addition to a classic manual, customers expect information offerings on the Internet, support via mobile devices and smart information with seamless integration of a wide range of communication platforms. Not only do instructions have to be translated into the language of all target countries, but also adapted to their specific conditions. This means the number of technical documents and the associated effort increase exponentially. Old methods are quickly overwhelmed.

SCHEMA editing system Text creation has never been so easy

The SCHEMA ST4 editing system allows you to compile new text variants from individual reusable text modules using drag and drop. Similarly, you can copy a similar compilation and change it as needed. The system is also able to automatically fill templates with suitable building blocks. Once variant management has been configured, it is also possible to publish the current status at the push of a button or even fully automatically.
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