Extensive training and transparent guidance for your technical writing team

Our primary services also include expert advice on all essential topics relating to technical documentation. This includes the preparation of your documentation in accordance with standards as well as analysis and consulting for internal and external optimisation.

In addition, we are committed to supporting you and your staff in the innovation of effective content management systems, such as SCHEMA ST4 or the Content Delivery Server in your own company.

We are also happy to moderate and conduct workshops to optimise your documentation and the processes behind it.

Our experienced specialists are available to help you with all specific, practical questions regarding the design of technical documentation.

Our services as consultants for technical documentation



Sigi Siegel


Michael Schöner


We advise you on all topics related to technical documentation. Together, we develop an editorial concept that suits you and your product.

Content Management Systems

We use needs analysis to find the optimum software for your purposes to create your product documentation and help you with the implementation.

Customised workshops

Together, we analyse which of your processes can be optimised and whether any tools are superfluous.

Process improvement

Together with your editorial team, we develop or improve the entire editorial process for your technical documentation.

Training courses

We offer training for your technical writers who want to deepen their knowledge in specific topics.

Legislation and standards

Does your documentation comply with the standards?

We advise you on compliance with standards and guidelines.

Consulting and training with the SCHEMA ST4 editing system

As a Quanos Content Solutions Gold Partner, we also offer training and workshops on the SCHEMA ST4 content management system. Here, we focus entirely on the needs and level of knowledge of your editorial team.

Technical documentation Benefit from our know-how

Countless pieces of information are prepared and communicated every day in companies for internal and external use. The latest information management tools are increasingly used. However, content management systems and Wikis can only manage information efficiently if the information modules follow certain rules. XML in combination with a DTD provides structuring rules. That is only the technical aspect of standardised structures, however.

The requirements for the creators of documentation especially in the area of technical product documentation are becoming increasingly complex. The latest information and editorial systems based on XML solutions and database-supported information management require special skills. There are also laws, standards and guidelines that must be observed.

We share our know-how in all areas of technical documentation and technical communication to you and your employees. Take advantage of our know-how by having our experienced employees train and advise you precisely on your tasks.

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The experts for technical documentation, technical translations and content management.


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